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fruit-sari-cleavage.jpgIt is a fact well known that the cleavage of a Desi woman is safer than Fort Knox and just as filled with treasures. This long-honored option began as a response to the storage limitations of the sari (lots of fabric, no pockets). After the first Desi woman who discovered that she had plenty of room down there, evolution favored the woman who could keep her money and jewels safe, and so only women with well-endowed breasts made it up the evolutionary food-chain.

The secret treasures hidden in the Desi woman’s blouse are as various as the colors of her saris. With the inevitable sagging that comes with age, Desi grandmothers find they can store more and larger items in the cleavage of their sari blouse. Money is the most common item, followed by house keys, lipstick, various snack foods, toys for the grandchildren, extra gold bangles, and of course mukvas (an after meal digestive mixture of seeds. if you’ve followed lesson #3, this should cause no surprise).

If one is in the presence of a Desi woman as she begins to rummage around her cleavage looking for her last quarter for the parking meter, is it considered a death wish to help her find her lost coins. If one finds it impossible not to stare or fantasize about the mystery stash, it is acceptable to gift the Desi woman a fanny pack or similar storage accoutrement, but don’t expect to get a peek for your generosity.


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